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MilDef Crete specialises in designing rugged electronics from scratch. We can customise every aspects to suit your needs, including electronic, mechanical design, software customisation, product features, branding, accessories and more. Our elite R&D team and extensive experiences can tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements.


We have the in-house expertise and technology to manufacture all of our products, offering faster turnaround and more cost-effective solutions. We are well equipped with advanced test and verification equipment to ensure the quality in our products comply with and exceed industry standards.


With more than 20 years of experience in Custom Solutions for rugged electronics, we’ve delivered reliable IT products for use in the most demanding environments and situations. Backed by our solid in-house development and production, we can offer you complete realisation of any product idea or concept in rugged computing.


All our products are designed with customisation in mind. We are flexible in enhancing standard products and designing custom solutions for any specific needs. Whether you are looking for one unit or thousands, we have the competency and experience as well as an agile team to help you succeed in your project.

About MilDef Crete

MilDef Crete is an international company with focus on the design, manufacturing and marketing of rugged devices in laptop, handheld and tablet form factors, as well as their associated accessories.

Founded in 1990, MilDef Crete have provided rugged computing devices for the mining and heavy industries for more than 20 years. We combine our strong product development and design customization expertise, operational excellence, a resilient supply chain and in-house production capabilities to create fit-for-purpose products that meet our customers’ requirements for use in the most demanding environments where reliability, robustness and high performance are crucial. MilDef Crete holds certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The company has its headquarters in Taiwan, R.O.C. and has overseas and partner offices in Australia, Europe, Middle East and USA. MilDef Crete prioritizes robust financial health and stability, maintaining a strong balance sheet and low asset-liability ratio. It is listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange (code 3213) since 2003. 

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Custom Solutions Process


We stand ready to design and build your products

Based on our long experience of designing and customising products, our engineering team is ready to tackle any technical problem thrown at them. With in-house resources for mechanical design, electronic design and layout, software development, technical writing, and project management, our R&D team is highly capable of managing complex development. We use the latest technology throughout the design, development and manufacture of our product range and in customising computers for our customers.

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