Electronic Design

Circuit Design

We specialise in the design of hardware systems, ranging from circuit designs to system designs. If you need more features added to our standard embedded system, we can modify the circuit design, or create a brand new one according to your specifications, followed by PCB layout services for a rapid turnaround. Below are few more examples.

Layout Design

Our experienced R & D team utilize Cadence Allegro PCB Design to proceed the circuit layout designs, which serves as the best layout tool for PCBs with high-speed and high-density designs and for boards with multiple complicated layers. Cadence Allegro PCB Design also helps to faster the realization of the new high-speed interfaces, such as DDR and USB 3.2 designs to PCBs. As long as you provide circuit designs, we can provide the layout services.


We provide multiple types of PCBs. The layer of PCB we design range from 2 to 16 layers, and its blind holes and buried holes can be designed with lamination or laser drilling process., while for its surface treatments, lead-free HASL, immersion silver, and organic solderability preservative (OSP)…etc. are included. We may design the PCB according to your requirements.

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