Electronic Design

We can provide any Electronic Design services you are after, whether you need to create a specific Circuit Design, Power Design, EMI Design, RF Design or Battery Technology, need to integrate a relevant PCB Design, or optimising the existing device. If you need to integrate any third-party components, such as radio card, capture card, or modem in your devices, we can also conduct thorough evaluation and assessment to provide you with the optimal approach for device integration. Find out more about our diverse Electronic Design services below.

Circuit Design

We specialise in the design of hardware systems, ranging from circuit designs to system designs. If you need more features added to our standard embedded system, we can modify the circuit design, or create a brand new one according to your specifications, followed by PCB layout services for a rapid turnaround. Our experienced R&D team can also provide a complete system design that includes wide aspects of functions to bring your concept to realisation, from start to finish.

Power Design & Battery Technology

We can customise power design and battery packs to suit your needs. For Power Design, our unique Over Voltage Protection Built-In Vehicle Adapter (OVP_BVA) Module is designed with reverse polarity protection and high voltage protection, which prevents devices from surge or spike damages when they are directly connect with the vehicle power system. We've developed different Batteries for laptops, tablets and handheld devices, including hot-swappable batteries. Our batteries are also designed to withstand extreme hot and cold conditions. We have designed special Heaters in devices to ensure system stability for low temperature operations.

EMC Design

We specialise in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Design. Our rugged devices are designed with EMC compliance that are on the basis of MIL-STD-461, on top of the mandatory CE, FCC, and other global regulatory standards, such as RCM. We can also provide EMC and Safety Recommendations upon requests.

RF Design

We offer different Radio Frequency (RF) solutions that cover a wide range of frequencies and bandwidths. With our extensive expertise and in-house equipment, we can offer Certification Pre-Tests, troubleshooting services, as well as provide device assessment and analysis of compliance.

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