MilDef Crete takes pride in our strong Research & Development Capabilities. We specialise in Customised Solutions and can offer complete realisation of any product idea or concept within rugged computing. Below are examples of our wide range of Customisation Options in Design, our elite R&D team and extensive experiences can tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements.  

Electronic Design

We stand ready to deliver any Electronic Design services you are after, whether you need a specific Circuit Design, Power Design, EMI Design, RF Design or Battery Technology, we have a solution for you. Find out more about our diverse Electronic Design solutions we can provide.

Mechanical Design

Everything on the exterior can be customised based on our standard devices, or be redesigned to your preference. Examples include the layout of buttons and keys, printed, laser engraved or nameplate logo, connector integration, display panels and more. MilDef Crete can provide you with prototype, CNC Metal Mockups and 3D Printing Mockups to help with visualising the design.

Software Design

We offer Software Customisation, and together with our rugged hardware - we provide a fully rugged IT solution. We design BIOSes for our own devices and can custom-make BIOSes to your needs. We can also provide embedded OS Solutions to fulfill the diverse customisation requirements for Operating System, Drivers and Applications. Simply discuss your requirements with us.

Design Quality Assurance

Every single rugged device we design strictly adheres to the worldwide standards. To ensure that our finished products achieve full compliance with the Certifications, we constantly review our designs and repeatedly test and modify them throughout the entire development phrase with various in-house chambers and equipments.

Accessories & Customisation

We offer a wide range in accessories to enhance and optimise the user experiences. These includes sunshade, stylus pen, batteries and battery charger, stand unit, AC adapter, external vehicle adapter, handle, docks, keyboards, docklite, dockunder and many more.

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