Everything on the exterior can be customised based one our standard devices, or be redesigned to your preference, with a few examples listed below.

Button & Key

We can redesign the buttons and keypads to your preferred layout.


Choose from the options of Printed Logo, Laser Engraved Logo and Nameplate Logo.

Connector Integration

We offer numerous commercial and industrial-grade connectors. D38999, Fischer and LEMO connectors are commonly equipped in our standard products. We can custom-make rugged connectors to meet different requirements for durability and waterproofness.

Display Technology

We can customise the Display Panels to your requirements with options such as Bonding, EMI MESH, intensity of backlight, Night Vision, Invisible Mode, LED indicators, LCD heater and more.

Mockup Model & 3D Printing

We can help you visualise your design in 2D or 3D drawings, provide CNC Metal Mockups and 3D Printing Mockups made with tough and flexible resin. These visual mockups and prototypes will help to clarify and speed up the design and verification process.

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