CNC Process

We are fully equipped with 14 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines, operating 24/7 to manufacture and mill aluminum cases for our devices. Our machines are programmed with a great number of cutting instructions that can be key coded for automation, offering a faster turnaround in manufacturing process.

LCD Bonding

We have cleanrooms and advance panel bonding machineries onsite for LCD / Optical Bonding, for examples, Touch Screen Bonding, Protection Film Bonding, and EMI MESH Glass Bonding. Our optical technologies enhances readability in bright sunlight ambience, reduces EMI interference and provide better display protection. We implement OCA Optical Bonding process and can integrate optical related components for display panels up to 15.6”. From film lamination to vacuum bonding, we are well equipped with specialised machines for UV curing, pressure vessel, and Luminance Colorimeter to ensure the best quality in the brightness of display.

SMT Line (PCBA Manufacture)

As Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the core of electronics manufacturing, we have two surface-mount lines and are capable of producing both small quantity prototypes and large orders efficiently. We have lines for hand soldering for leaded or lead-free through-hole boards, and numerous inspection equipments, such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-Ray inspections. These rigorous inspections and function tests are to ensure the highest quality in the stability, reliability and accuracy of each PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) produced.


NanoCoating is an electronic coating that is applied to Printed Circuit Board to serve as a protection for electronic devices against moisture, fouling, dust and chemical pollutants. It seals out air and prevents corrosion in the solder joints and conductors.

Inhouse Test Equipment

We continuously invest in test equipment to achieve highest levels of in-house testing, providing faster turnaround and is more cost-effective for our customers. These internal testing equipments include: 

  • EMI chambers capable of performing MIL-STD-461 tests;
  • Climate Chambers with a range of -70°C to more than +180°C, including humidity;
  • IP testing equipment up to IP68;
  • Vibration test equipment;
  • Drop test equipment; and
  • Numerous different test equipment rigs to measure different Electronic features. 

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