Electronic Design

Power Design & Battery Technology

We can customise power design and battery packs to suit your needs for different devices.
For Power Design, our unique Over Voltage Protection Built-In Vehicle Adapter (OVP_BVA) Module is designed with reverse polarity protection and high voltage protection, which prevents devices from surge or spike damages when they are directly connect with the vehicle power system.

We’ve developed different Batteries for laptops, tablets and handheld devices. Some batteries are hot-swappable, allowing users to replace their batteries without shutting down or rebooting the device. Our batteries are designed to withstand extreme hot and humid conditions, as well as extreme cold temperatures such as -30°C.

We also design special Heaters in devices to ensure system stability, where it constantly monitors the ambient temperature, and can be setup to warm up a panel or a hard disk drive if room temperature is lower than the preset value, or can be otherwise customised if required.

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