We offer a wide range in accessories to enhance and optimise the user experiences. These includes sunshade, stylus pen, batteries and battery charger, stand unit, AC adapter, external vehicle adapter, handle, docks, keyboards, docklite, dockunder and many more. 


Our External Keyboards are built to operate under harsh and extreme conditions. These keyboards are also built with some features, such as backlight and track pointers, which enhance operating convenience. Variable languages are available to meet your requirements.


External Vehicle Adapter (EVA)

Charge your device on the go with our External Vehicle Adapter, simply by connecting it to the cigarette lighter plug in the vehicle. The other side of the plug comes with four types: Fischer 3-pin, (Amphenol) Mil 3-pin, (ODS) Standard 2-pin, and Hirose 3-pin, which matches the device. Our EVA complies with military standards (MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-1275D), CE and FCC testings.



The docklite is designed to provide extra connecting options. With a docklite, you can extend the connection ports of your tablet, making it more versatile.


Dock Under

The Dock Under is designed to provide more connectivity options. A variety of signals are offered for internal ports of PCIe and SATA2 and external ports including LAN, DC Input, Serial Port, VGA, and USB. Customisation is available to fit your specifications.


Battery Charger

We have designed different Battery Chargers to optimise charging for different types of batteries. The LED indicator feature shows the status and progress of the charging process.


Stand Unit / Vehicle Mount

Our easy to install click-on Stand Unit / Vehicle Mount securely holds the system unit and Docklite with adjustable view angle, for easier viewing in a vehicle, office or a controller room.



Our adjustable Sun Shade is made with black non-reflective materials and its angle can be flexibly adjusted to suit viewing from all angles, reducing screen reflection to the maximum extent.

Military Connector

We’ve high flexibility and capability in customision of the Military grade connectors to meet your requirement. There are various type of connectors available.


Stylus Pen

Keep the surface screen clean and avoid scratches with the ease of our Stylus Pen. Our Stylus Pen comes complete in a set, with a Stylus Tether and Stylus Pen Holder for convenience and portability.
Stylus Pen.

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