Basically there are two keyboard options available, a Mini Keyboard and an External Keyboard.

The picture on the left is a Mini Keyboard, that simulates a standard keyboard via its 66-key with function keys with a StickPointer that substitutes mouse and keypad. It also provides multiple language versions and USB interface.

Another option is the 89-key External Keyboard, that comes with a built-in track point that replaces mouse. The External Keyboard features backlight and different interfaces (USB interface and PS/2 interface), which is ideal for use in dark environments where light is minimal. It also supports multiple language versions.

Another example of a customised keyboard.

We can customise keyboards to your needs. For example, many of our laptops feature spill-resistant keyboards and drainage holes at the bottom. Depending on the weather and the environment where you work, MilDef offer choice of keyboards built for extreme dry or wet conditions, the latter with rubberised or coated keys with backlight mechanical keyboard to provide extra protection.

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